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Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee Healthy Frappuccino Recipe

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Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee

Keto-friendly foods help you to get into ketosis. That is why numerous brands have introduced different shakes, beverages, coffees, and other things to give you support. Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee is one of the yummy recipes and beneficial for the keto diet.

This is a keto-friendly coffee that you can add to your morning time to enjoy best coffee and keto diet. It has no carbs but gives you a delicious flavor of coffee like Starbuck coffee. You can make it within five minutes and enjoy the taste. We have discussed all the things related to this recipe. Take a look to make your Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee at home with basic ingredients.

Ingredients of Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee

The components of Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee are:

Strongly brewed chilled coffee2/3 cup
Unsweetened almond milk 1/4 cup
Heavy cream1/4 cup
Ice1 cup
Vanilla extract1 teaspoon
Swerve sweetener2 tablespoons
MCT oil 1-2 tablespoons

Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee Recipe Instructions

This is a simple recipe that you can add to your keto and paleo diet at the same time. This is a beneficial coffee which gives you support for these two diets. Some of the instructions involve:

  • Take the blender and put all the ingredients right away in it.
  • Blend it until it becomes smooth.
  • Pour into serving cup/glasses and enjoy your coffee.

Nutrition Information

One serving of this coffee has the following nutritions.

Nutrition FactSize
Total fat22.1g

Carbs ratio in Coffee Frappuccino

The carbs ratio in this coffee is not as much as other coffees offer to you. Usually, a Starbucks coffee has 50 grams of carbs in 16 oz. This is pretty much the amount that harms you to have an unwanted effect on your body. In Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee, you may have less than two carbs and an unmatched taste of delicious coffee.

Final Words

Keto Paleo Frappuccino Coffee is one of the tasty coffee that you can add to your keto or paleo diet. This is supportive of both diets with its low-carb ingredients. Despite all these things, you can taste yummy coffee with low-carbs and enjoy your beverage in the morning for a boosted energy and ketones flow in the body.

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