Sucralose: Is Sucralose (Splenda) Keto-Friendly?

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If you are using Splenda in your beverages and sweet dishes, that means you are using sucralose. The Splenda is an artificial sweetener which is commonly used as a substitute for regular sugar. Originally this sugar substitute is made by the real sugar that has been modified with chlorine atoms.

When people follow the keto diet, they need everything low-carb, so these sweeteners are a great way to sweeten their drinks and meals. Here you can find all the details about this sugar substitute. Look at below and keep reading.

What Is Sucralose (Splenda)?

Sucralose (Splenda) is made from real sugar that is known as the zero calories, an artificial sweetener. It’s the most common sucralose based product. This sweetener has made from the multistep chemical process. This sweetener founds in a wide variety of edible items such as candy bars, soft drinks, and canned fruits.

In the process of preparing sucralose sweetener, put the real sugar through chlorination just to replace three molecules with the chlorine atoms. Then you got the result of the indigestible component, which is 600 times sweeter as compared to the regular sugar. Sweetener which is sucralose-based that mostly passes through the body system without digestion.

Just 15% amount of the sucralose sweetener gets absorb into the human body. These artificial sweeteners contain zero calories and zero carbs. Therefore, every single spoon of these sweeteners includes a tiny amount under half of the carbs and few calories. This sugar substitute has commonly used in cooking and baking—also, this sweetener has used in thousands of food items all over the world.

Benefits of Sucralose Sweetener

Sucralose offers some benefits for the keto diet followers, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. The products that have made with the sucralose sweetener can help to curb your cravings. You just need to add one or two tablespoons of this sweetener to your favorite drink and meal.

When you use it, you will love the taste of this sweetener as this sugar substitute is 600 times sweeter than the regular sugar and contains the closest taste profile to the real thing. Also, this sweetener contains almost no calories and carbs. When you use this sweetener in the moderation, then it can be the best keto-friendly sweetener.

However, you need to pay some attention to what and how much sweetener you are eating. As compared to table sugar, this sweetener is affordable and has a long shelf life. Moreover, it lacks the bitter aftertaste that some sweeteners possess.

  • No Calories

Sucralose sweetener is made from the real sugar, that has not digested by the body as a carbohydrate and it has zero calories. It’s an approved and helpful alternative for the people who are trying to reduce their sugar intakes. Some kind of products such as fizzy drinks, confectionery, dairy desserts, and baked things are sweetened with the sucralose.

  • Heat Stable

Sucralose sweetener is a heat-stable sweetener, and this thing makes it an ideal sweetener. It’s a perfect alternative to use in baking, cooking, canning, pasteurization, aseptic processing, and other manufacturing processes that require high temperature.

  • Suitable for People With Diabetes

This sweetener has not recognized as a sugar or a carbohydrate by the body. Thus, it doesn’t have an effect on glucose utilization, carbohydrate metabolism, the secretion of insulin, glucose, and fructose absorption. Studies show that people who have normal blood glucose levels and in persons with either type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It has confirmed that sucralose has no side effects on short and long-term blood glucose control.

Uses of Sucralose Sweetener

Sucralose is a sweetener that has used in almost everything from baked things to beverages. These edible things are frozen desserts, chewing gum, and gelatins, and all these things are sweetened with the Splenda. All sorts of diet foods contain this sweetener. When other sweeteners stir into the coffee and tea, they provide a sweet taste that can’t be used in different ways.

Because they lose their taste when directly heated on the flame. On the other hand, Splenda stays stable at a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the reason why Splenda has used as sugar alternatives in many recipes. However, there are also some drawbacks to using sucralose to replace sugar.

Most Popular Artificial Sweetener On Keto Diet?

Splenda is a common and most popular sucralose-based sweetener. You can found it anywhere, and you can buy it in a large canister that contains over 20 ounces of sweetener. Along with the sucralose, there are some artificial sweeteners that made with the other ingredients. Also, some sweeteners that are popular such as saccharin, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium.

But always keep in mind one thing that also has some possess adverse effects. These artificial sweeteners have FDA approved. Therefore, they have also linked to dizziness, headache, and digestive issues.

Does Sucralose Affect Gut Health?

Our gut system has a friendly-bacteria that is very important for our overall health. That may be helpful to improve your digestion, immune function and reduce the risk of many diseases. One study on rats founds that sucralose may have some side effects on that bacteria. After 12 weeks, those rats who consume sucralose had 47 – 80% fewer anaerobes in their guts. It’s a bacteria that doesn’t require any oxygen.

Is Sucralose Sweetener Safe and Keto-Friendly?

As like another artificial sweetener, sucralose is also highly controversial. Some people claim that it is totally harmless, but other new studies suggest that it may have some effects on your metabolism. For some people, it may increase their blood sugar and insulin levels. Also, it can damage the bacteria in our guts, but this needs more studies on humans.

People also ask about the safety of sucralose when put on the temperature. You may need to avoid using it for cooking and baking, as it can release harmful compounds. But the long-term health effects of sucralose sweetener has still not cleared. But FDA approved that it doesn’t have any side effects. They consider this sweetener safe and keto-friendly for the keto dieters.

The Bottom Line

If you are a follower of keto diet then you need an artificial sweetener to sweeten your drinks and food items. If you like the taste of sucralose and your body handle this sweetener nicely, it is probably fine to use in moderation.

However, this sugar substitute is not best for high-temperature cooking and baking. Or, if you face any health issue related to your gut health, then talk to your healthcare doctor about exploring whether sucralose could be the reason. If you avoid using sucralose sweetener then there are many healthy sugar alternatives.

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