Is Sparkling Ice Keto Friendly Or Not? Product Sparkling Ice Flavors

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It’s carbonated water that is either naturally from the mineral spring and while manufacturing by using the carbon dioxide gas. There are many options of sparkling water flavors, but all these options are typically unsweetened. And, these things make these beverages an excellent low carb option. You can buy keto-friendly sparkling water such as Perrier, Aura Bora, and Hona. Here you will discover that the sparkling water is keto or not. So, let’s get started and keep reading.

What Is Sparkling Ice?

Sparkling ice is a zero caloric drink that is sweetened by using sucralose. It is also made with natural flavors, vitamins, antioxidants, and lightly carbonated with spring water. This sparkling ice is probably a low-carb drink, and you can find it anywhere at any store. The sparkling water comes in line with a much different variety of flavors. And, all beverages are free of carbs and calories.

A drink bottle of sparkling ice contains zero sugar, and a decent amount of antioxidants and vitamins founds in all flavors. The sparkling ice has existed for 25 years but collects the attention of people in recent years. It is known as the part of heightened interest in flavored seltzers. Each flavor of sparkling ice is made with zero calories and zero carbs.

Those bottles don’t contain sugar, fats, and proteins. However, all these flavors provide healthy vitamins, provide 15% of your daily value of vitamins A, D, B6, and B12. The list of the ingredients slightly varies with each flavor. But all varieties of this sparkling ice is keto-friendly.

This sparkling ice has made with sucralose sweetener, which can disturb your ketosis for a minority of individuals. If you don’t know that how your body reacts to sucralose. Then experiment with the sparkling ice in little portions before integrating it into your regular habits of eating.

Followers of keto dieters who enjoy the libation report that those waters are well mixed with the vodka to make a tasty cocktail.

Is Sparkling Ice Drinks Keto-Friendly?

The company of sparkling ice was started in a small town in Washington State. And, now you can find this sparkling ice water in any store throughout the world. It is available now in The United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, South Africa, and the Caribbean. And you can also buy this sparkling ice online from Walmart and Amazon.

The brand of this drink is made all drinks without sugar and sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose is a keto-friendly sweetener and used in many low-carb dishes. It is six hundred sweeter more than regular sugar, and actually, it is not metabolized by the human body.

Although, this sweetener is going through the body without being digested, making it so that your body doesn’t absorb any harmful calories, carbs, and sugars. Another reason for the popularity of sparkling ice is the price point that all drinks in the classic line can be found in just under one dollar.

Sparkling Ice Flavors

This classic sparkling ice comes in sixteen different flavors. Here is the list of all those flavors:

Another flavor is recently released, and the name of that flavor is fruit punch. This flavor is a mixture of citrus flavors, pineapple, and cherry. Band of this sparkling ice is comparable to soda, without calories, hidden sugar, and sodium. Also, you can buy sparkling water and sparkling ice separately in variety packs both in-store and online.

Nutrition Facts

All these sparkling waters and ice are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. It’s the right choice if you are in searching of supplement specific vitamins in your diet. These drinks contain vitamin A, Vitamin D, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid. If you consume sparkling water and sparkling ice, you can fulfill your 10% of daily needs for all of these antioxidants and vitamins that mentioned.

Nutrition FactsQuantity
Net Carbs 0.1 g
Fat 0.0 g
Protein  0.0 g
Total carbs 0.0 g
Fiber 0.0 g
Calories 0.0 g

Sparkling Ice + Caffeine – Is It Keto friendly?

The brand of sparkling ice also has a drink that contains caffeine. And, the name of this drink is sparkling Ice +caffeine. Those drinks doesn’t contains any calories or carbs and every flavor contains zero sugar content. But + caffeine drink contains vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin A, Vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and Biotin. There are also few different flavors in the +caffeine drink.

Flavors of this drink line are black raspberry, orange passionfruit, blue raspberry, triple citrus, and strawberry citrus. Every different flavor of +caffeine drink have no calories, 0 gram fats, 0 gram carbs, 0 gram sugar, and 0 gram protein. Each can of that drink can provide 70 milligrams of caffeine. The amount is almost enough to pick you up in cup of coffee you drink. One cup of coffee almost contains ninety-five milligrams caffeine.

If you are a fan of energy drinks than this sparkling ice and sparkling water is totally something that you like to check out. But if you are an energy drink person than try this low-carb sparkling ice and water.

Final Words

So, the answer of the question is sparkling water is keto-friendly. These drinks are basically flavored sparkling water with some added benefits. But one thing always keep in mind that these drinks are not much nutritional. Those drinks are only good when you are looking for a fun addition and got tired by drinking plain water. It’s just a fun drink, do not drink it by replacing your nutritional foods and drinks.

It is sweetened with the sucralose that is six hundred times more sweeter than the regular sugar. And, this sugar is not digested by the human body so that’s you will not get any carbs from it. Therefore, it is safe to use in the keto diet. This sparkling water contains 10% amount of your daily needs of antioxidants and vitamins.

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