Does Rice Have Place in any Low-Carb Diet?

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Rice is a popular food item around the world. People eat them in various ways after cooking. They are versatile, economical, and stretches your meals. But as rice has several health benefits, it also contains a high amount of carbs.

There are several types of rice; many types of rice are with hovering with 45grams of carbs in one cup. Some kinds of rice, such as brown rice, wild rice, and basmati rice, have some health benefits. Another kind is white rice they are classified as refined carbs.

Carbs founds in white rice are considered as bad carbs. Because the grains of that rice are processed, removes most of their dietary fiber and some nutrition compounds. In this article, you will learn all the benefits and varieties of rice. Also, you will know that rice is keto-friendly or not. Let’s have a look:


Health Benefits of Rice

Rice contains a high amount of carbs, that’s why rice is not considered to be keto-friendly. But they have some notable health benefits such as:

  • High manganese levels
  • High magnesium levels
  • Have the potential to improve cholesterol levels
  • Rice can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Is Rice Keto-Friendly?

Everyone knows that rice is one of the popular food items worldwide. People use many kinds of diets, but they are not allowed on the keto diet because rice has a high amount of carbs, which is not good for keto dieters. Therefore, people need to give up rice following a low-carb diet. Rice is high in carbohydrates so find some low-carb rice substitutes.

While rice is not keto-friendly, the ketogenic diet dramatically limits carbs’ intake to an average of 20 grams in one day. Therefore, they are not qualified for the keto diet. In a low carbohydrate, diet rice is not allowed you can eat on a low-carb diet rice substitute.

Wholegrain basmati rice and potatoes, bread pasta and rice, and pasta rice are not allowed on the keto diet. Place cauliflower rice use in place of white rice. Konjac rice is keto-friendly so you can use them without any problem. Stir fry with cauliflower rice with enjoying them. There are many substitutes available that are low in net carbs.

Rice Contains Manganese and Magnesium

Brown has an 85% amount of manganese as suggested to consume daily. Manganese plays an essential role in enzymes and antioxidants functions that helps to metabolize the foods you eat.

It may also improve cognitive functions, reduce the risk factors of diabetes, and motivate your body for weight loss. At the same time, magnesium is important for your body to produce energy for your brain and muscles.

Magnesium is a mineral naturally found in many food items such as leafy green vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and whole grains like brown rice. Also, magnesium requires to improve nerve function and helps to regulate your blood glucose levels.

Manganese minerals also reduce blood clots, can regulate your blood glucose, and reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome. Propper levels of magnesium mineral can optimize your sleep cycle, reduce insomnia and anxiety, aid your digestion, and regulate your calcium, potassium, and sodium levels.

Did rice allow on the Keto Diet?

When your body reaches the state of ketosis, and your body burns ketones by using your body’s stored fat. Carbs of your body stop this process from happening. So, when you start to follow the ketogenic diet and get the ketosis state, you must need to avoid rice.

Unlike other diets, to enters into ketosis may alter your metabolism when you eat something high carb so that you may be kicked out from the ketosis. High carbs in rice may cause insulin levels to spike and disturb the process you are doing to reach ketosis.

Some people choose the ketogenic diet for weight loss for some time; they adopt a cyclic keto diet. This diet is especially for athletes such as bodybuilders that allowed to eat some carbs.

Consider Low-Carb Alternative to Rice

The rice contains some health benefits; you should have to avoid them in some parts of the ketogenic diet. Rice only acceptable during your diet if you are:

  • Following a cyclic keto diet
  • Doesn’t have any carbs in a day. Son, in this situation you will eat ½ cup of brown rice with about 22.5-gram carbs.

There are several types of keto-friendly delicious alternatives to rice. Some vegetables can be “riced” with a cheese grater or food processor to make rice-like strands. Then you can saute and roast those veggies on the stove or add them to the variety of dishes.

Incredible Low-Carb Rice Alternatives


Suppose you are following a ketogenic diet and have a craving for rice. Then try to incorporate the cauliflower rice, miracle rice, or other rice alternatives into your diet. These rice varieties have far fewer calories and total carbs than white rice. But the miracle rice has zero amount of carbs. Some suitable variety of rice that allowed on keto diet such as:

Rutabaga: Rutabaga is a root vegetable; it has the same texture as potatoes. It has only 9 grams of net carbs in one serving. Also, it has 3.5 grams of dietary fiber. Therefore, it can be the best alternative for rice.

Shirataki Rice: This is also known as miracle rice. It is calorie-free and also a carb-free rice substitute and an excellent source of soluble fiber. Plus, it doesn’t require any effort. You can buy them online from any online shopping mart.

Butternut Squash Rice: This alternative contains 13.6 grams of carbs in one cup of serving. You may have to limit your carb intake of butternut squash rice. Therefore, butternut squash rice is an excellent addition to the ketogenic diet. Also, it provides a huge amount of vitamin A with almost 300% of your daily value, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Cauliflower Rice: These are well-known keto-friendly rice substitutes. Also, cauliflower rice is a versatile addition. You can use cauliflower rice in Thai, Mexican, and Italian food dishes. This is a cruciferous vegetable very healthy that contains 2.5-gram fiber, 5-gram total carbs, and only 25 calories in one cup.

Carbs in Rice are High to be Considered on Keto

Rice is a well-known high-carb and gluten-free grain. The high amounts of carbs in rice is the reason not to consider the keto diet. Although some varieties are keto-friendly such as brown rice, it contains many health benefits.

If you are searching for a low-carb alternative to rice, it’s better to consider cauliflower rice, miracle rice, and butternut squash rice. You should have to avoid high-carb rice alternatives such as lentils, quinoa, and sweet potato rice.

Try to eat a few carbs and follow a meal plan to set yourself on the ketogenic diet successfully. Search for things and food items that help you to start a ketogenic diet.

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