Keto Friendly Low-Carb Pistachio Macarons Recipe

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Pistachio Macarons

The Keto diet is a low-carb diet plan that includes no carbs at all. You can eat all kinds of foods that are lower in carbs. We have introduced a recipe that contains a lower amount of carbs and did not hinder your weight loss way. Eating a healthy diet is a good option that supports weight loss and helps to maintain overall health.

Pistachio Macarons cookies

You may found various recipes that can keep you on the right track for fat burning. Many users and diets create different recipes all across the globe. Some of the recipes are simple and easy to make, but some contain a little effort to make them yummy.

However, the Keto Low-Carb Pistachio Macarons recipe is one of the snacks that you can try and eat in your mealtime. Here is the recipe to make your dieting more interesting. Let’s check out the recipe in detail.

Large egg whites2 eggs
Erythritol 0.5 oz
Almonds3 oz
Matcha tea powder½ tsp
Erythritol5 oz
Pistachios1.2 oz
Stevia extract⅛ tsp
Vanilla extract½ tsp
Butter2.3 oz

Directions to Make

Making this recipe is more comfortable and enjoyable because you have to mix the components without extra effort and get the tasty macarons for your snack time. You can use these instructions for making the keto low-carb pistachio macarons recipe. These ways are:


  • Grease the baking pan after placing the parchment paper.
  • Turn on the oven and preheat to 300°F (150°C).

Mixture Blending

  • Use s blade grinder to grind the almonds. Do not make the paste of almonds.
  • Mix the powdered erythritol along with almond flour.
  • Take an electric mixer and start beating the egg whites.
  • Add erythritol slowly to mix up without creating lumps.
  • Keep on mixing the egg whites until they get shiny and thick.
  • Adding matcha is optional. You can include or exclude the matcha powder if you do not want it in your macarons. It gives green color if you do not want matcha.
  • Mix the matcha gently and adequately fold egg whites in an erythritol-almond flour mixture.
  • Use a rubber spatula to mix in properly.
  • Mix it until you get the consistency like honey.
  • You can mix it longer to get the desired level of consistency.

Making of Macarons

  • Put the mixture into a pastry bag.
  • Make a ½ inch hole at the tip and pipe 1-inch rounds.
  • Place the macarons 1 inch apart from each other on the baking tray.
  • Keep it for 30 minutes to get dry.
  • Bake it for 15 minutes by putting it into the oven.
  • Make sure to bake it for only 15 minutes and do not prolong this time.
  • Open the oven and check the macarons by lifting them. If they seem sticky to paper, keep it there for three to four minutes to properly cook them.
  • Let them cool on the parchment paper for 5 minutes.
  • Try to turn them one by one to check all your macarons.
  • You can take out the whole parchment paper to get all macarons instantly.

Pistachio Macarons Recipe

Pistachio Topping

  • Using the pistachio topping can make your macarons more tasty and nice in appearance. For making the pistachio topping, you require:
  • Take pistachio and remove their shells.
  • Grind the pistachio along with stevia.
  • Mix it well with a hand or electric mixer to get the butter-soft texture.
  • Add vanilla extract into pistachio mixture and mix finely.


  • Topping can make your macarons tastier, and they look different.
  • Have all your macarons and top it with pistachio topping.
  • After applying the pistachio topping, try to place it in the fridge for one day to merge the flavor.
  • Make sure to keep them at room temperature to enjoy their natural melting taste.
Nutritional ValueSize
Fat6.6 g
Saturated fats2.4 g
Total carbs2.2 g
Fiber0.7 g
Net Carbs1.5 g
Protein2.1 g

This is a low-carb diet snack that gives you no carbs at all. You can try them at your snack time without feeling any hectic as they support weight loss. Making them with different ingredients can add space to enjoy the different flavors of your macarons. So, try this recipe and share your views about its taste and delicious texture.




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