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Philadelphia Cream Cheese: Is It Keto – Friendly?

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This cream cheese is a soft and mild-tasting cheese with a smooth consistency. And, this smooth consistency makes this cheese a versatile dairy spread that can be used in different delicious recipes. You can use this cream cheese as a pair with low-carb foods such as sushi and spread over the bagels.

It’s the most famous cream cheese that is known for its smooth texture and mouth-watering taste. Its taste is so closely related to the butter that we can use it as a substitute for low-carb dishes. This cream cheese is loaded with nutrients and an excellent source of riboflavin and vitamin A.

It provides a fraction of calories and less fat, so let’s start using Philadelphia’s original cream cheese spread in your life. Philadelphia cream cheese spread original has a great taste as it’s a piece of high-quality cream cheese. Shop for Philadelphia original cream cheese to use in fresh milk and real cream.  Here you will find everything about this Philly cream cheese.

Cream Cheese

Is Philadelphia Cream Cheese Keto-Friendly?

Philadelphia cream cheese can be used as an ingredient in the main dishes. You can also use this cheese on a ketogenic diet as long as you avoid spreading it on the crackers and bagels. Instead of all things, consume it by pairing it with smoked salmon as a tasty appetizer. Also, it’s an added cream cheese sauce that you can pour upon the cauliflower and broccoli.

Itself this cheese contains less than 4% of carbs and 25% of fats. This quality makes it entirely consistent with low-carb and high-fat requirements for the keto diet. The cheese comes in a single-serving cup with 28 grams of weight. This cream cheese made with fresh milk and cream cheese ever since it’s a high-quality cream cheese ever since.

Order Philadelphia cream cheese spread original standard of high-quality cream cheese spread original and thousands of people love to use it. Philadelphia cream cheese original always starts with fresh milk.

How Many Carbs Are In Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

It’s a low-carb content cheese that has just 4% of carbohydrates. A small serving of this cream cheese has 28 grams weight with original plain Philadelphia cream cheese with 1 gram of carbs. One tbsp of cream cheese contains half grams of carbs in it. The flavored version of this cream cheese contains some added sugar and more carbs.

So, if you are the followers of the keto diet, then try to stick with the plain cream cheese. Use the Philly cream cheese with your favorite keto-friendly dishes that will enhance your taste and without increasing crabs. Spread the cheese on cooked salmon and use it to make the sauces thick for veggies to uplift the taste of food.

By eating this cream cheese, you will get a little bit amount of your daily carb limit. The Strawberry flavor of this cheese contains some added sugar and extra carbs. Moreover, it’s a great addition to your meal plans. Philadelphia cream cheese is made with original cream cheese that traces its roots back.

When you shop Philadelphia cream cheese spread then specifically check the selection of cream cheese for delivery. It’s number one selling soft cream cheese.

How Many Calories In the Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

One tablespoon of Philadelphia cream cheese contains 34 calories. A single small package of Philadelphia cream cheese contains 291 calories. If you are a follower of a strict low-calorie diet, then the lower amount of calories can prevent the consumption of every single serving.

Whipping the cream cheese can prevent the density of cheese. Two tbsp of whipped Philly cream cheese weighs around about 20 grams and contains 68 calories. Also, you can get the light and fat-free version of Philadelphia cream cheese for low-calorie options.

Nutrition Fact

ElementValue% of Daily Value
Total Fat10 grams15
Saturated Fat5 grams25
Polyunsaturated fat0.4 grams
Monounsaturated fat2.4 grams
Cholesterol31.2 mg10
Sodium91 mg3
Potassium39 mg1
Total carb1 gram
Dietary fiber0 gram
Sugar0.9 gram
Protein1.7 gram3
Vitamin A7%

Is Cream Cheese Is A Good Fat?

Fat content in the cream cheese is an excellent keto-friendly version of cheese. And, this is because it’s entirely nearly a naturally occurring saturated fat. If you are going to choose your cream cheese, then be careful because the quality of fat goes way up. For instance, when you select cream cheese that is made from the milk of organically raised and pasture-fed cows. The milk which is used to make the cream cheese is cleaner and full of nutrition, and rich to start the process.

Then all goodness of the milk gets passed on to the cream cheese. After that, if you are choosing the probiotic cream cheese, you are going to get the food product, which has more enzymes that are used to turn the milk into cream cheese. Preserving is not the only ‘live’ nature of food, but it can transfer all enzymes to your gut to help you even better, which is a great keto fat.

Delicious Ways To Use Philadelphia Cream cheese

  • Spread the cream cheese on the lettuce to prepare a tasty creamy wrap for chicken of meat pieces.
  • You can stuff it into the sushi rolls.
  • Use this cream cheese to thicken the sauces for low-carb veggies.
  • Top this cream on your smoked and boiled dishes of fishes, meat, and chicken.
  • It can be used to prepare some keto-friendly creamed spinach.
  • Also, it can be used to prepare low-carb cheesecake fat bombs.
  • Eat low-carb fruits with Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • You can use it to make low-carb cheesecakes.
  • Make low-carb cheesy chicken cakes by utilizing this cream cheese.
  • Or it is used as the topping on keto-friendly baked goods.


Health Benefits of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia cream is loaded with antioxidants that will help to fight against the harmful free radicals in the body. Also, it contains a moderate amount of calcium, which provides strength to your bones. So, it can play an essential role in maintaining teeth and gum health. A single serving of Philly cream cheese makes for about 7% of your daily needs of vitamin A, which is essential for our healthy vision and eyes’ overall health.

This Philadelphia cream cheese contains gut-friendly bacteria that can strengthen your immune system and helps to prevent infections. Moreover, it’s an excellent source of riboflavin that can help your body break down the carbs, fats, and protein in your intake into energy. Hence, it’s an essential compound in the overall health and growth of the whole body.

Add Philadelphia Cream Cheese In Your Food

A single serving of Philly cream cheese contains high fat, moderate calories, and little carb content with a kind of taste enhancement it offers. The Philadelphia cream cheese can be a great addition to your meals. It can make the keto diet bit easy for you. This cream cheese does not just work as a taste enhancer but also has some health benefits. It comes with all health benefits and without any ill side effects. To get its benefits, you should add a small amount of this cheese to your ketogenic diet.

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