Oven Baked Chicken Wings Complete Recipe – Is It Keto Friendly?

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Chicken Wings On Keto Diet

Different things might attract you to have the best option of foods in your ketogenic diet. You might be thinking that can you have chicken wings on the keto diet? Yes, you can the chicken wings on a ketogenic diet because they are good to go with your low-carb diet.

You can eat fried chicken wings on a keto diet with different flavors such as hot wings, wild wings, and buffalo wings. Moreover, there are different kinds of wings, such as sweet, spicy, and crispy. Eat fried chicken wings as the keto option may help you enjoy the taste of chicken at its peak. Some people prefer deep-fried chicken wings on the keto diet. But, they are not as good as the baked chicken keto wings.

Chicken wings and the keto diet goes hand in hand. If you are following a keto diet, you can have low-carb chicken wings because they are keto-approved. Chicken wings can be keto and Paleo-friendly. You can eat chicken wings and enjoy your dinner time with this keto supportive food.

Eating a ketogenic diet plan will enhance the weight loss outcomes. Moreover, you can have the taste burst and weight loss support. These chicken wings are a great option. when you try them as baked keto foods. Let’s check out one of the chicken wing recipes that how you can make and enjoy as the keto meal.

low carb Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings3 poundsChilli Pepper1/2
Melted butter or ghee for paleo4 tbspGinger powder1 tsp
Olive oil2 tbspSwerve/brown sugar1 tbsp
Garlic cloves2 (minced garlic cloves)Lemon juice1 spoon
Salt1 tspSoy sauce1 tbsp
Black Pepper1/3 tspLime juice1
Cayenne pepper1/3 tspFresh chopped parsley1 cup

How to make it?

  1. You can easily make this recipe at home by adding all the above ingredients. Some of the steps are:
  2. First of all, preheat the oven to 200ºC / 400ºF.
  3. Add some lemon slices to a baking sheet.
  4. Clean the 3 pounds chicken wings properly.
  5. Dry rub chicken wings
  6. Put all the chicken wings in a large bowl.
  7. Keep them aside.
  8. Mix all the melted butter or ghee, brown sugar, ginger powder, soy sauce, lemon,  lime, garlic cloves, chili pepper, salt, black and cayenne pepper in a bowl.
  9. Add this mixture on the wings with the help of your hands
  10. Properly apply all the mixture to the chicken.
  11. Place the single layer of wings.
  12. Prepare the baking sheet
  13. Put the baking tray in the oven for 45-50 minutes
  14. Take them out when they got browned and crispy
  15. Try to flip them again and again for proper cooking
  16. Remove all the wings and put them in a large tray.
  17. Sprinkle some parsley.
  18. Have your chicken wings with lemon and lime wedges.

Nutrition Facts

Total Fat48g
Total Carbohydrate3%

How Many Chicken Wings Can You Eat On Keto Diet?

You can eat almost four fried chicken wings on a keto diet without any fat gain issues. Most keto dieters love to eat junk foods and chicken when starving with carbs on the keto diet. Chicken wings are the perfect appetizer that you can easily add to your ketogenic diet.

Moreover, if you are looking for a dinner recipe, then keto chicken wings are the perfect option to quench your craving for chicken. You can make them spicy and sweet without any taste effect.

Chicken Wings

How to Make your Keto Chicken Wings Crispy?

You can have the fried chicken wings on keto because they are not bad for your overall health. Making of the low carb and keto diet-friendly wings is easier. These wings are a great option to serve with the desired taste. Chicken wings are coated with the mixture by using hands for making them more crispy.

Having baked wings may help you give more benefits than the fried chicken wings on the lighter note. It is said so because they have less content of calories and fats. If you want the more crisp to your chicken keto wings, try them out and have the best fat loss option. You can make them keto-friendly and crispy by deep-frying or proper baking. It may give you more crispiness and crunch by turning them, again and again, may cook them properly.

Can you have Homemade Chicken Wings on the Keto Diet?

The best thing about this recipe is that you can make them at home with simple ingredients. This is the low-carb keto recipe and great keto food. These chicken wings keto-approved for weight loss and taste giving. There are many kinds of chicken wings ranging from spicy to sweet ones. You can try it at your keto dinner or keto side dish to enjoy the taste of low-carb food.


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