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Keto Friendly Toasted Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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Toasted Coconut Cold Brew

Toasted Coffee keto two flavored that got to gather like peas and pod and I know this because we use this combo in a Thai dessert, too. So  Starbucks reached out with a toasted cold brew coffee. I wanted to try it.

My conclusion after tasting it. I can make a better one at home. I left home and bit busy and up with this tasty recipe that is just the right quantity of creamy, nutty and fresh. And you can prep all the ingredients in progress and put it collectively in a resolution of seconds.



  1. To make the cold brew coffee: Grind coffee to a coarse grind this is, so you get less of the powdery stuffy coming through.
  2. If using a french press: Place the bean in a french press. Add cool drinking water and stir to mix well. Cover with the plunger and press it just until the beans entirely immersed. Let rest for 12 hours at room temp, if you can move it halfway in. Then press the seeds all the way and then keep in the fridge as is or pour it into another serving
  3. If using the Thai coffee cloth filter: Place the coffee beans in the filter bag and suspend it over a pitcher. Pour water through the coffee beans and stir the coffee inside the screen. Let steep for 12 hours, if you can mix it halfway through. Then press the seed all the way and then keep in the fridge as is a pour it into other serving pitcher.
  4. Space coffee and coconut in large bowl or pot. Slowly pour in 8 cups cool water and stir very lightly until the area just washed. Cover chill 24 hours.
  5. Force coffee ground in a fine-mesh sieve into a large graduating glass or bowl. Discard grinds. Line sieve with a coffee clean and add as much coffee as mentally fit. Strain gradually into airtight container or jar, adding more coffee as space is available until all the coffee has added. Allow grounds to sit in anxiety and continue to drip 20 minutes.
  6. To serve, pour ½ cup coffee into an ice-filled drink, add ½ cup juice and tsp — maple sugar and stir to mix.

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