Best Low Carb Options at Hardee’s and McDonald’s

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Whether we are travelling and feel hungry, and don’t want to skip your special food items. Therefore, many varieties for you are made with fewer carbs and keto at Mcdonald’s & Hardee’s. You must have to go to test the taste and compile the list of all keto-friendly options.

You can get low-carb breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Hardee’s and Mcdonald’s. All those ideas from both restaurants with less than five net carbs less expensive. So, let’s look below and get all delicious keto-friendly food options.

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10 Low-Carb Options at Hardee’s

Hardees is a fast-food restaurant, and their speciality is burgers and fries. They also offer breakfast sandwiches, burritos, chicken tenders, chicken, roast beef, and fish sandwiches. Also, they provide a low-carb option like low-carb burgers and chicken sandwiches. It means that the sandwich you ordered will come in a wrapped lettuce bun, not in the traditional bun.

These restaurants make killer cinnamon rolls before expanding their menu. And, those rolls are so soft, plump, and delicious. The frosting is the best part of this restaurant. But now, Hardee’s offers many decent food items more than just cinnamon rolls. While they are still offering fried foods that you can find at any fast-food restaurant.

They have plenty of variety of burgers, sandwiches, and delicious keto-friendly food section. Even they also serve breakfast the whole day. It is not recommended to eat fast food during the keto diet for a meal. But if you are not at home and have nothing to eat, then you can go to Hardee’s and can eat your favorite meal.

Here are the top 10 best keto-friendly options which you can order at Hardee’s, from low-carb to high carb content meals. All those meals are available with nutritional information.

  1. “Low Carb It” 1/3 Pound Low-Carb ThickBurger

This low-carb thickburger made with a beef patty, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, ketchup, mayo, and mustard wrapped in the lettuce wrap. If you eat this burger without adding ketchup, it contains almost 450 calories, 36-g fats, 3-g carbs, 2-g net carbs, 1-g fiber, and 22-g of protein. Order this burger without ketchup and hole the fries that come with any meal and option for a side salad with ranch dressing.

  1. Sunrise Croissant

Hardee’s offers many low-carb breakfast options that you order without traditional bread. Try this delicious sandwich containing folded egg that layered with the bacon of your choice, ham, and sausage on a croissant. When you order this burger without the croissant, then it contains 120 calories. And the calories are 14-g fat, 4-g carbs, 1-g fiber, and 16-g of protein. Order this croissant with bacon, ham, and sausage eliminate the croissant.

  1. Loaded Omelet Biscuit

A loaded omelet biscuit is a breakfast food item that comes with a loaded omelet made with bacon, ham, sausage, and some cheddar cheese on the biscuit. Try to order this omelet sandwich without a biscuit, and then it contains 320 calories like 24-g fats, 12-g carbs, 0-g fiber, and 14-g of protein. Order this loaded omelet biscuit without the biscuit.

  1. Smoked Sausage Biscuit with Egg and Cheese

Smoked sausage biscuit with eggs and cheese is made with the folded egg with one slice of American cheese served on the sliced Hillshire farm sausage on the biscuit. Order this item without the biscuit. This item contains only 490 calories, such as 42-g of fat, 12-g of carbs, 0-g of fiber, and 18-g of protein. Try to order this smoked sausage biscuit with egg and cheese but without the biscuit.

  1. “Low-Carb-It” Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich

“Low-carb-it” charbroiled chicken club sandwich is made with the skinless chicken breast that topped with swiss cheese, with two slices of bacon, tomatoes, and with mayo on a whole-leaf iceberg lettuce wrap. This sandwich has 340 calories such as 13-g of fat, 13-g of carbs, 1-g of fiber, and 24-g of protein.

Maybe you don’t need to skip anything from this sandwich, but make sure that hold the fries and onion rings and soda that comes with the sandwich. Alternatively, order this traditional sandwich. But make sure that ask them not to toast the burger like a seeded bun.

  1. BigRoast BeefSandwich

Big roast beef sandwich is made with the thinly sliced roast beef and dipped is and just served with the bun. This big roast sandwich contains round about 560 calories, such as 25-g of fat, 50-g of carbs, 3-g of fiber, and 35-g of protein. You can also reduce the most amount of carb by holding the bun.

Hardee’s restaurant also made a regular big roast beef sandwich that contains 380 calories. Those 380 calories are 11-g of fat, 50-g of carbs, 2-g of fiber, and 21-g of protein. Order this big roast beef sandwich by eliminating the bun. But instead of onion rings and fries. Ask them to provide a side salad.

  1. Big Hot Ham and Cheese

The big hot ham and cheese are made with the sliced ham & melted swiss cheese on the bun. It contains only 530 calories such as 20-g of fat, 51-g of carb, 2-g of fiber, and 34-g of protein. But you can reduce some carb amounts around one and two grams by holding the bun. Order this ham and cheese sandwich without a bun. Or, you can ask them to wrap your sandwich in lettuce instead of the bun.

  1. 2/3 Pound Monster Thickburger

This monster thick burger is made with two 1/3 beef patties, four slices of bacon, three slices of American cheese, and mayo on a bun. The burger contains just 1,300 calories, such as 90-g of fat, 53-g of carbs, 2-g of fiber, and 76-g of protein. You can almost eliminate all amount of carbs by holding the bun. Order this monster thick burger by removing the bun. Ask them to provide side salad with the ranch dressing instead of fries.

  1. 1/3 Pound Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Mushroom and a swiss burger made with the beef patty, swiss cheese, and sautéed mushroom on the bun. The burger contains just 680 calories, such as 38-g of fat, 53-g of carbs, 2-g of fiber, and 36-g of protein. You can also reduce almost 10-gram carbs from this burger by eliminating the bun and wrap the burger with lettuce instead. This mushroom and swiss burger wrapped with lettuce instead of the bun.

  1. 1/3 Pound Bacon Cheese Thickburger

This burger is made with 1/3 pound of beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo on a bun. It contains 850 calories such as 54-g of fat, 54-g of carbs, 3-g of fiber, and 42-g of protein. Ask them to wrap the burger in lettuce instead of the traditional bun so that you should be able to reduce the carbs amount around 10 grams. Order 1/3 pound bacon cheese thick burger without the bun, and also, you can ask to wrap the burger in lettuce.

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Top 10 Low-Carb Keto Options at McDonald’s

If you are a lover of fast foods but on the keto diet. You can fulfil your fast food craving by eating some healthy low-carb options at McDonald’s restaurant. This restaurant offers a wide variety of edible food items. Also, they have a lot of variety of low-carb food items. When it comes to the low-carb fast foods, then McDonald’s is not everyone’s first choice. It can only work for you to stick with the keto diet when you are traveling or feel hungry.

Everyone doesn’t have time to access the quality ingredients and free time to cook their own food at home. So, this option is very quick and convenient for those busy people. Also, McDonald’s is a nostalgic fast-food brand. In this way, you can enjoy the classic McDonald’s sausage patty while managing the carb counts. Here are the ten best low-carb options at McDonald’s.

  1. Sausage McMuffin

Order this classic keto sausage muffin without muffin. You just need to end up with the sausage patty that is topped with one cheese slice. It’s affordable and comes with only two net carbs. And, this sandwich contains round about 260 calories.

  1. Egg McMuffin

To eat the egg McMuffin keto, order this sandwich without the muffin. You will end up with the round egg, cheese, and some Canadian bacon. In this way, you can get more amount of protein from the rounded egg. That spherical egg contains just one carb that makes in lowest-carb egg option at McDonald’s. It’s a little bit expensive item. So, if you order this low-carb egg muffin at McDonald’s, then you will end up with just three net carbs and 260 calories.

  1. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McMuffin

The next item is to get ready with the sausages, eggs, and lots of cheese. If you order this item, then you will get the classic McDonald’s sausage patty, one round egg, and one cheese slice. It comes at an affordable price and best value as compared to the other McMuffin options. And, this whole McMuffin contains just three net carbs with 340 calories. This recipe can beat any other option.

  1. Egg Biscuit

Here is another trendy breakfast option at Mcdonald’s. It is usually called a biscuit sandwich. You can order any biscuit sandwich without the biscuit to make this recipe low-carb. So, when you order this egg biscuit like this, you will get the McDonald’s folded egg. This Keto-friendly McDonald’s recipe contains just two net carbs and 70 calories.

  1. Sausage Biscuit

This low-carb McDonald’s breakfast option is too much affordable. You can order this item without a biscuit and get the plain Mcdonald’s sausage patty. So, that you can sandwich between a few pieces of keto bread. It contains just one net carb and 190 calories. Also, you can order one cheese slice and put it on top for an additional carb.

  1. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

To eat this item, order it without its biscuit and get a fluffy folded egg, few slices of bacon, and some melted cheese. The whole mixture contains just two net carbs with 180 calories. It’s a combination of eggs, bacon, and cheese that makes it awesome. Also, it’s flavor is smoky and salty paired amazingly with the rich cheese and soft fluffy eggs.

  1. Hamburger

It is a classic McDonald’s burger with a decent budget. This option is the best low carb choice if you want to eat at McDonald’s. Always when you order low-carb, try to order the item without ketchup and bun. And, this rule is the same for all types of burgers. When you order this item, you will get the burger patty with pickles, lettuce, and few onions. The recipe comes out with just 0 net carbs and one net carb if you add shredded lettuce.

  1. Cheese Burger

Another burger choice, so when you order this item lin low-carb form. Then you will get the burger beef patty, cheese, mustard, onions, and pickles. The whole combo comes with just two net carbs and 140 calories. Honestly, it’s a portion of great comfort food and can be easily converted into a keto-friendly version.

  1. Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad

People who ate this salad highly recommended consuming this bacon ranch grilled chicken salad. Or, if you want to make it keto-friendly, then order without cheese, tomatoes, and dressings. Also, you can call the ranch dipping sauce that comes with just one net carb.

  1. Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Chicken nuggets and crispy chicken sandwiches of Mcdonald’s are off-limits for the keto dieters. But if you have a craving for chicken, then order this delicious Artisan Grilled chicken sandwich. But make sure to order each item without a bun, so it contains just two net carbs.

Final Words

Hardee’s restaurant specializes in the serving of thick burgers. Because these burgers contain large beef patties and several other toppings. You can find low-carb burgers but keep in mind without ketchup and bun. Also, they offer sandwiches, side salads, and ranch dressings instead of fries.

McDonald’s also offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, chicken salad, ranch dressings, tortillas, and many more. You can even eat low-carb food items from Mcdonald’s when you need them. But always order all burgers without the bun and ketchup. Try to avoid any other high carb sauce or other things.

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