Low-Carb Keto Friendly Salad Dressing Ultimate Guide

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Summer without a fresh salad is a great way to enjoy savory meals on the keto diet. Salad is technically made with fresh leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables. Salads are great for lunchboxes and for your busy days. Grab-and-go salads can add flavor and are made with some healthy fat. Olive oil is a great addition to the salad dressings that contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.

MCT oil addition will also help to kick-start your fat loss fastly. Also, you can freeze your salad dressing in the fridge, and you can drizzle over some crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, and other seasonal veggies. In the keto diet, you should have to eat low-carb and high-fat meals to get health benefits. A lot of studies show the health benefits of the ketogenic diet. In this article, you will find all the keto-friendly salad dressing with fewer carbs.


Key Characteristics of Best Salad Dressing

The best salad dressing for the keto diet will be one that has following these components.

  • High-Quality, Healthy Fat as Primary Ingredient

Some heart-healthy oils such as MCT oil, extra virgin olive oil, and cold-pressed unrefined avocado oil are the best choices for a keto salad dressing. One of these oils is must be part of a keto salad dressing. Olive oil and avocado oil will provide lots of heart-healthy benefits. Olive oil has a slight edge over avocado oil because it has significantly more antioxidants.

These antioxidants also promote overall health and decrease the formation of toxic compounds while processing and cooking. MCT oil contains saturated fats that are specifically caproic acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid. All these acid are readily converted into the form of ketones and burned as fuel for the brain.

  • Minimally-Processed Ingredients

Always check the labels of ingredients and make them as close to nature. The tastiest and healthiest dressings have a combination of spices, fresh herbs, lemon juice, vinegar, and other keto-friendly ingredients. Also, watch out for the added sugar, artificial preservations, and MSG. Healthy dressings contain natural preservations such as citric acid, lemon juice, salt, vinegar, and rosemary extract.

Xanthan gum and guar gum also founds as an ingredient that is typically used to thicken the dressing and reduce the ingredient separation. Also, these gums are safe and well-tolerated for many people.

  • Minimal Net Carbs per Serving

If you found high-carb ingredients on the label, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid the salad dressing. It is also possible to have a dressing that can add some sweetness without adding extra carbs. All you have to do is just check the number of net carbs per serving. That will help you to determine that dressing is keto-friendly for you.

According to the rules, try to find products that contain less amount of net carbs per tbsp. So, this step will allow you to enjoy your favorite dressing before eating any other food. You can enjoy your favorite meal with a larger amount of carbs.

Keto dressing

Top 5 Home-Style Keto Dressing Recipes

Here are a few of your favorite easy keto salad dressing recipes which you can easily enjoy on the keto diet. Let’s find your favorite one:

  1. Keto-Approved Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is one of the famous dressing, especially in the united states. There are many low-carb store-bought ranch dressings available that have a low amount of carbs. But those come and are loaded with inflammatory fats and preservations. That is why these dressings are less healthy. Recipe of ranch dressing:

Mayonnaise1 cup
Sour cream½ cup
Heavy Whipping Cream¼ cup
Dried Parsley2 tbsp
Dried dill ½ tbsp
Garlic granules ½ tbsp
Onion powder  ½ tbsp
Basil¼ tbsp
Pepper¼ tbsp


  1. Put all the ingredients in the emulsion blender.
  2. Blend the ingredients for 30-60 seconds until completely blended.
  3. Pour the blended mixture into a glass jar with a lid and refrigerate.
  1. Keto 5 Minute Caesar Dressing

If you want to avoid extra fuss and expense to buy a keto-friendly caesar dressing. You can try it at home to make it yourself. You just need seven ingredients, and most of them you may have at home. And, this recipe will be ready in 5 or less than 5 minutes.

Finely minced garlic3 cloves
Anchovy paste1 ½ tsp
Worcestershire sauce1 tsp
Fresh lemon juice2 tbsp
Dijon mustard1 ½ tsp
Mayonnaise¾ cup
Salt & PepperTo Taste


  1. Take a bowl and combine all the ingredients, then whisk together vigorously.
  2. Serve the salad dressing and keep the rest in a mason jar.
  1. Easy Keto Honey Vinaigrette

If you like the taste of sour and sweet profiles like some honey-based dressings, you can still enjoy this dressing on the keto diet. Just make this low-carb dressing by yourself with this low-carb honey vinaigrette recipe. You can use raw honey to add a distinct taste while getting the rest of stevia’s sweetness. This step allows you to create a robust honey vinaigrette without worrying about extra carbs and sugar.

Olive Oil1 cup
Apple Cider Vinegar½ cup
Raw Honey1 tbsp
Stevia1/8 tsp


  1. Reduce the amount of honey to make this recipe.
  2. Add a little amount of stevia to add some sweetness.
  3. Simply put all the ingredients in an emulsion breaker. Put the blender in and blend for few seconds until it blends.
  1. Thousand Island Dressing

If you like something creamy that separates from blue cheese or ranch. You will find a thousand islands dressing a great option for keto dieters in the world of salad dressings. Many pre-prepared products in the market come with the added sugar and high-carb ketchup. So, it’s best to make this dressing yourself. Keto-friendly mayo and low-carb ketchup. Both things you can make by yourself.

Mayonnaise 1cup
Ketchup2 tbsp
Braggs apple cider vinegar1 tbsp
Finely diced pickle 2 tbsp
Finely diced onion2 tbsp
Powdered Stevia1/8 tsp
Salt1/8 tsp
Pepper1/8 tsp


  1. Chop the pickles and place them separately.
  2. Separate finely diced onion into two separate tbsps.
  3. Put all the ingredients in the emulsion blender except pickles.
  4. Then thoroughly combine the blending for 30-60 seconds. Stir the pickles and onion in the dressing, then pour into the jar.
  1. Zesty Keto Italian Dressing

Essentially this recipe is the honey vinaigrette dressing with some extra zest instead of stevia. You just need an Italian spice mix and a combination of herbs to make this quick and easy Italian dressing recipe. You can also make a creamy version of this dressing by replacing the oil with mayo and needing enough vinegar. And keep the seasoning the same. Try to use oil-based dressing and creamy Italian variation.

Dry herb ingredients
Oregano¼ cup
Sea Salt¼ cup
Parsley2 tbsp
Garlic granules2 tbsp
Onion granules2 tbsp
Basil2 tbsp
Pepper2 tbsp
Italian Dressing Ingredients
Olive oil2 cup
Apple cider Vinegar½ cup
Raw honey1 tbsp
Dry mix1 tbsp


  1. Measure the dry herb ingredients into the bowl, or you can use a jar.
  2. Stir the herbs together into the pan. Then store in an airtight jar. Shake to mix before using.
  3. To make Italian dressing pour the ingredients into the emulsion breaker.
  4. Blend them until well mixed. Then pour the mixture into the jar and let the flavors meld.
  5. The longer they meld, they will provide more flavor.

How to Make a Last-Minute Keto Dressing?

If you don’t like to buy a store-bought keto salad dressing, then you can make your own. You just have to find the right ingredient to make your one of the recipe. Still, you can whip up something that is more flavorful than the things you already have. The simplest option to make this salad is oil and vinegar with just 1-1.5 tbsp of vinegar and 3 tbsp of olive oil, avocado oil, and MCT oil.

Even you can turn this salad dressing into an Italian-style dressing with some Italian spice blend. Or also, you can give it a Greek touch with the Greek spice blend. Also, you can give it a mustard vinaigrette by adding some dijon mustard, 1-2 pinches of garlic powder, salt, and Pepper.

If you like to cut the acidity of your dressing with some sweeteners. Then you can add some keto-friendly maple syrup or any other low-carb liquid sweetener. Or if you want to vinaigrette separates, just simply give some shakes before using it. This shaking process will help to emulsify the oil and liquid together again so that you can use this dressing as a vinaigrette.

Also, you can make your salad with tomato-based dressing and creamier options like some ranch and blue cheese. If you want to make a tomato-based dressing like a Catalina-style, thousand island, for ranch dressing. Simply combine the keto-friendly ketchup with vinegar and oil or mayonnaise with some herbs, spices, and vegetables to add some flavors. Or, if you want to make a thick salad dressing, then use mayo as the primary ingredient.

Mix it with sour cream, heavy cream, and vinegar to help thin out the dressing. To add some more flavors, just use herbs and spices. For example, you can whip up blue cheese dressing by combining the three tbsp of sour cream. And, 2.5 tbsp serving of mayonnaise contains only 30 grams of fresh blue cheese. Also, you can make a quick ranch, Caeser, and Creamy Italian keto dressing just by following the recipe given below.

Keto Salad Dressings to Buy: Best Brands

There are many trustworthy salad dressing brands available in the market that you can easily find in your grocery stores and superstore chains. Before buying any salad product, just make sure that check the nutrition facts and ingredients label. You have to do this just to confirm that it’s something you want to add to your keto lifestyle.

If you doubt, use those three keto dressing characteristics that will help you guide your decision. Here are some brands that you can find at superstores and grocery stores.

Italian Dressing

  1. Fat & Happy Italian Dressing

This salad dressing contains MCT oil, the first ingredient in the salad dressing. Also, it’s a go-to option for keto dieters who are looking to add more amount of fat to their diet. Additionally, in Italian, this dressing also comes in Ranch and Balsamic flavors. Two tbsp serving of this low carb ranch dressing recipe contains:


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Champagne Salad

  1. Champagne Salad Dressing

This low-carb salad dressing is non-GMO and canola-based that has a refreshing champagne zest. It’s made with lemon and white vinegar and touted its yummy topper for fruit. It can also be used to brighten up the chicken and fish, especially salmon. 2 tbsp serving of this keto-friendly salad dressing contains:


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Zesty Cumin Dressing

  1. Zesty Cumin Gourmet Lemon Dressing

This best keto salad dressing has come with the flavor of cumin spice. And, this dressing also gives it a rich flavor. This keto dressing does not contain any artificial colors, preservations, sweeteners, and additives. Or you don’t have to use it solely to top the salad. But you can use it to marinate meat and veggies with this keto ranch. Every 2 tbsp serving of this paleo low carb ranch dressing contains:


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Vinaigrette Dressing

  1. Bragg Organic Vinaigrette Dressing

The first two ingredients of this low-carb vinaigrette salad dressing are apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. So, it very good for you and for your health. Pour this dressing on the top of some lettuce and can leave the sad salad desk. Also, 2 tbsp serving of this low carb salad dressing contains:


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Kumana salad

  1. Kumana Avocado Sauce

Do you want a spicy salad topper on the keto diet? Then here are a healthy and spicy salad dressing. This avocado sauce bottle is loaded with avocados, jalapeno’s, chili pepper, green bell pepper, and cilantro. You can use the dressing to marinate your grilled steaks, eggs, and chicken. Also, you can mix it with the ranch or mayo for some extra tang. It is very low in carbs, and its one tbsp serving contains only 15 calories.

Carbs 0g

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