Keto Fried Chicken Complete Recipe With Breadcrumbs

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If you are a fried chicken lover, then it’s a recipe that is just for you. You just have to replace some high-carb ingredients with some low-carb things to make this keto-fried chicken. To make this fried chicken keto-friendly, skip the flour and use pork rinds or parmesan. Also, almond flour will help to adhere everything together and or also for a crispy chicken. To skip all the unnecessary oil, just bake the chicken.

But it still bakes with the chicken breasts, or feel free to use chicken thighs and drumsticks. You just need to increase the bake time to cook them. But if you are using a boneless chicken, then decrease the bake time. To make this recipe a little spicy, marinate the chicken with some spices like red chili powder, turmeric, cumin, and coriander powder.

To make the keto breadcrumbs use the mixture of two different breads. You can use some slices of coconut flour bread and one portion of almond flour microwave mug bread. It’s a different recipe than the traditional fried chicken.

Keto Breadcrumbs

Use Your Favorite Bread to Make Breadcrumbs

Keto-friendly breadcrumbs can be made with any low-carb bread. You can use coconut flour bread, peanut butter bread, and almond flour bread. All these bread options will all work just as well. However, the taste of the recipe will vary across the board. These keto breadcrumbs can be used to coat almost all kinds of meat, such as chicken, fish, and beef. Even you can use this for stuffing on the top of the keto mac and cheese for a crunchy texture.

Cook the Chicken Correctly

Now to make this recipe, you can use boneless leg meat or chicken breast. Chicken breast is more readily available and preferred meat by many people. Choose a pan to fry the chicken, and despite using the leg meat, that may take more time to cook than the breast meat. Try to cook the chicken very well without burning the breadcrumbs on the top.

Unlike the regular crumbs, these breadcrumbs tend to brown faster. So, it is better not to cook it on high flame. Traditional fried chicken is not keto-friendly chicken. There are many fried chicken recipes available on the internet. Also, you can eat your favorite foods on a keto diet.

The traditional fried chicken is breaded with high-carb breadcrumbs. Low-carb chicken cutlets will definitely satisfy your craving for fried chicken.

Keto Fried Chicken

How To Make Keto Fried Chicken?

The very first thing that you have to do is cut the chicken thighs into your desired size. You can also use boneless skinless chicken. It’s better if you cut them into bite-size pieces, or you can use whole chicken thighs. Once you cut out all the chicken, then you will add the spices to the chicken thighs. If you want to make it a KFC-style keto fried chicken, then add different types of spices.

But if you don’t like to add many spices, then you can go simple and add salt & pepper only. You can also add oil into the chicken so the spices could be distributed evenly throughout the chicken. Then let the meat marinate for about 30 minutes and more. In all, that time chicken will absorb all the flavors and from the spices. If you don’t substitute high carb ingredients then fried chicken bad for keto dieters.

The Preparations

Here is the recipe for low-carb crispy keto fried chicken.


Oil (avocado oil, coconut oil)as needed
Whey protein isolate½ cup (60 g)

For Fried Chicken

Boneless Chicken thighs1 lb (450 g)
Garlic Cloves4
Paprika Powder½ tbsp
Oregano½ tbsp
Chili Powder½ tbsp
Sage½ tbsp
Onion Powder½ tbsp
Garlic Powder1 tsp
Himalayan Salt1 tsp
Black Pepper½ tsp
Celery seeds¼ tsp
Cayenne Pepper¼ tsp
Unsweetened Almond milk3 tbsp

Spicy Ranch Dressing

Total Fat26g
Saturated Fat6g
Net Carbs5g
Total Carbs5g
Dietary Fiber5g

The Execution

  1. First of all, mince the garlic cloves. Then cut the chicken thighs into small bite-size pieces.
  2. You can eat the skin but if you don’t like it, then feel free to remove it.
  3. Take a bowl and combine the chicken with the almond milk and spices.
  4. Mix that ingredient until mix well.
  5. Then add eggs into the mixture and mix them thoroughly.
  6. Add the oil into the pan and heat it between the 140-150 C/ 285-35- F.
  7. When the oil hot, dip each piece of chicken one by one in the protein powder.
  8. Just make sure that all the sides of the chicken pieces are perfectly coated.
  9. When you coat all the pieces, then start adding the pieces into the hot oil.
  10. Fry each chicken piece for 2-3 minutes until you got a golden brown color and the chicken cooked well.
  11. Then remove the pieces from the oil and put on on a wire rack or on a paper towel to soak all the excess oil from the chicken.
  12. Enjoy the keto fried chicken with the spicy ranch dressing.

Spicy Ranch Dressing

  1. Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients in a small bowl and mix them well. Or serve it with the fried chicken.

Nutritional Values

Four servings of keto fried chicken contain:

Total Fat26g
Saturated Fat6g
Net Carbs5g
Total Carbs5g
Dietary Fiber5g

Tips & Tricks

Before making this low-carb fried chicken recipe, these tips are very important for you to follow. By following these tips you can make the best keto fried chicken recipe.

  • Keep in mind that use an unflavored whey protein isolate and not whey protein powder.
  • You can’t use an air fryer to make this keto-fried chicken.
  • Must coat the raw chicken with egg before coating with the whey protein isolates.
  • This is how breadcrumbs can stick with the chicken.
  • If you like to eat dairy-free, then switch the whey protein isolate with the egg white protein.
  • Also, you can use any type of spices of your choice.

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