Keto Carnivore Diet Review: Is It a Healthy Diet?

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In the carnivore diet, you have to eat all meat and animal foods. When you are thinking about the keto carnivore diet, you probably think about the meat food items. But there is something more than meat in the carnivore diet.

The Keto carnivore diet is a little bit different version of the keto diet. Some people choose the carnivore diet because of specific reasons such as digestive issues, weight loss, and fitness goals. Let’s look at the below and explore the keto carnivore diet.

What Is Keto Carnivore Diet?

The Keto carnivore diet completely consists of meat and animal food products. And, it means that fruits and vegetables are strictly not allowed in the keto carnivore diet. The good thing about this diet is you don’t need to follow any complicated rules like macronutrient ratio, calorie counting, and food timing.

All-time you have to eat the food that comes from the animal source. Also, you can eat in this diet anytime you want as much as you want. This carnivore diet is one step further from the keto diet, and much lower the carb count down to zero.

Food List in Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet is a diet that allows you to eat only meat and animal food products. Generally, you have to eat fattier meat content and less on lean cuts. In this way, you will get the right amount of calories and maintain optimal hormonal and body function. Here is some food item you have to eat while carnivore diet.

  • Meat

Generally, red meats, burgers, and steaks are the primary food source in the carnivore diet. Because you can not eat carbs and other plant foods at all, but it’s essential to get enough calories to keep your energy level stable. Grass-fed meat is preferred for you because that is fattier and better meat.

  • Fish

The fattier meat tries to get the fattier fish meat source such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and halibut. Also, any kind of fish meat is ok in this diet, but keep in mind fattier type is a better choice.

  • Whole Eggs

Try to eat scrambled eggs, poached, and fried. You will get the fat from the yolks of those eggs. The central part of eating eggs is yolks because the yolks are full of fats.

  • Dairy

You can eat yogurt, cheese, and drink milk and butter because all these things come from animals. Therefore, those things are technically admissible, although people who are following the carnivore diet seem to omit and limit them. Many people limit their consumption of dairy products due to lactose intolerance.

  • Fatty Meat Products

It’s better to cook with lard and tallow to get an extra fat dose while adding the delicious flavor to your meals.

Benefits of Keto Carnivore Diet

Eating meat is an excellent way to get the extra dose of fats. There are many health benefits that come with the carnivore diet, which you would expect from the keto diet. Here are some health benefits of this diet:

  • Weight Loss

Some people think that eating too much meat can make you more fat. But is similar to the keto diet, restriction of carbs on the carnivore diet. So, your blood sugar level low all the time, so you don’t get the insulin spikes. Additionally, you will find it quite challenging to eat in a calorie surplus when animal food items are the only option for you.

  • Increased Cognition

Fats are made up of about 60% of the human brain. So, when you increase the intake of fats and the absence of carbs, many people get the experience of mental clarity. Because that time, you start burning the fats as the primary source of energy instead of glucose from the carbs.

  • Better Heart Health

There is some solid pile evidence available that saturated fat can help to improve heart health. Once you try this diet, it should ease your fears about meat’s dangers for heart health.

  • Decreased Inflammation

One study compared the high fat, low carb diet with the low fat and high carb diet to check the inflammatory markers. After 12 weeks of research, people who eat a high-fat diet had lower markers of systemic inflammation.

  • Simple to Follow

Some people are intrigued by the carnivore diet because of how it’s easy to follow. Unlike other diets, you don’t need to worry about the carb count and your mealtimes. As long as you eat high-fat meat products you are in a clear situation.

Generally, some studies show that a high-protein, low-carb diet help to promote weight loss. Protein will help to keep you full for a long time after your meals that have linked to weight loss. Protein also helps to increase your metabolic rate and helps to burn more calories.

Proponents of the carnivore diet also recommend that limit and avoid dairy intakes and choose only dairy products that have low lactose amounts.

What Does It like To Eat Keto Carnivore Diet?

Here is the sample of meals on the carnivore diet for the whole day.

  • Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, and sardines.
  • Lunch: Salmon jerky, turkey burger patty, and beef tips.
  • Dinner: Chicken liver, crab, and filet mignon.

Chow down some cheese on jerky to get a delicious snack. Try to add some organ meats to increase the micronutrients.

Difference Between Keto and the Carnivore Diet

As carnivore diet is a version of the keto diet, but there are some critical differences between the ketogenic diet and the carnivore diet. The keto and carnivore diet both are permitted protein and fat while restricting the carbohydrates. But the approach of the carnivore diet is more extreme. You are not able to eat plant-based foods in this diet because your carb intake must be zero.

It isn’t mean that your body won’t have carb intakes in it, though. As with the keto diet, the body learns to make its own carbs fuel activity in the process that is known as gluconeogenesis. While the carnivore diet is also known as the “zero-carb” diet plan, that is somewhat of a misnomer.

Both diets are equally allowed to eat fat and protein. And, carnivore diet strictly limits the plant-based food items that mean it is virtually zero-carb. However, the ketogenic diet encourages a large number of veggies, as long as the total carbs are kept to 50grams amount.

On the keto diet, there is a large emphasis placed on fat. Usually, protein is kept under 40% of total calories to reduce gluconeogenesis from knocking you out from ketosis. While the carnivore diet encourages high protein and high fat intake as long as you get these calories from animal products. Unlike the ketogenic diet, there is no general macronutrient percentage to follow while following the carnivore diet.

The Pros and Cons of Carnivore Diet

Here are some pros and cons of the carnivore diet:

Carnivore Diet Pros & Cons

  • This diet helps in weight loss, blood sugar regulation, mood issues, arthritis, and other health issues.
  • It can eliminate the unhealthy and heavily refined carbs like cookies, candy, sodas, and cakes because these are usually high in calories and have a lower amount of beneficial nutrients.
  • You can eat delicious meat dishes.
  • It’s a perfect diet plan for those who love to eat meats like fish that can provide saturated fats.
  • It can improve the symptoms of arthritis, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, and other conditions.
  • A good option of diet for those who have difficulty in digesting carbs.
  • Carnivore’s diet eliminates nutritious foods like veggies and fruits.
  • This diet can leads you to nutrient deficiencies.
  • It can because of a lack of fiber and beneficial phytonutrients and plant compounds.
  • So, the carnivore diet doesn’t contain any fiber that may lead you to constipation for some people.

Is Carnivore Diet Safe and Healthy?

As because this diet is similar to the ketogenic diet, and we already explain that meat never causes heart disease. So, it is fair to consider carnivore diet safe for most individuals – at least for a short time period.

The balance of bacteria helps to digest the food and prevent disease. But surely those critters must need some carbs. Also, this diet is considered a healthy diet for most people.


The Keto carnivore diet is a restrictive diet, completely consists of meat, fish, eggs, and a small amount of low-lactose dairy. It’s also good for weight loss and various health issues. But more researches are needed to prove these claims.

Moreover, it’s high in fat and sodium, contains no fiber and beneficial plant-based compounds. It’s also difficult to maintain this diet in long term. But overall the carnivore diet is unnecessarily restrictive. Choose a balanced diet that contains healthy foods is a more sustainable way to get more health benefits.

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