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Is Sweet Potato Keto-Friendly? Nutrition Facts & Benefits

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People thought that sweet potatoes are a healthy ingredient in their pantry. So, it’s not a wondering thing that keto diet sweet potatoes are lower in carbs. Sweet potatoes grow underground and also known as yams. These potatoes loaded with antioxidants that and known as beta carotene. It’s very effective for the raising of blood sugar levels of vitamin A, especially in children.

The sweet potatoes are also nutritious, high fiber content, very filling, and delicious. People eat them in boiled, steamed, baked, and fried form. The color of sweet potatoes is usually oranges, but it also founds in some other colors like white, red, pink, violet, yellow, and purple. You can make sweet potato fries with low-carb sweet potato.

In the few parts of North America, these sweet potatoes are also known as yams. However, these are a misnomer, and the yams are very different species. These potatoes are distantly related to the regular potato.  In this article, you will find everything about these delicious sweet potatoes. So, let’s have a look at below:

Are Sweet Potatoes Actually Keto-Friendly?

Technically sweet potatoes are not keto due to high carb count. On the standard keto diet, these potatoes are considered too high in carbohydrates. Also, sweet potatoes are excluded from the keto diet because they can cause difficulties while on ketosis.

A medium-sized sweet potato contains 27 grams of carbs that would make over half of the allotted amount of daily carbs. Try some sweet potato recipes with some medium-sized white potato and sweet potato, sweet potato chips, for your sweet tooth.

There are many different kinds of keto diets, and some of those carbs may allow eating more carb than the traditional diet. For example, the cyclic keto diet will enable one to eat extra carbs in one or two days of a week. You can consume about 140 to 160 calories in one day. If you love to eat sweet potato on keto that is high fat then you can eat potato mash.

Sweet Potato

If you follow this type of ketosis, it may kick you out of ketosis temporarily. But this diet is often followed by the athletes who need a high carbs day after intense activities. Then it will help to replenish their energy stores. Another keto diet version is the targeted keto-friendly diets. Low-carb sweet potato mash is a great way to eat it. Sweet potato fries are also very nutritious.

In this diet, followers can consume about 20 to 50 grams of carbs in 30 minutes before working out. Because of the assumption that even though they put them out of ketosis temporarily. The additional carbs will be burned out immediately and don’t get stored in the body as fat.

Carb & Net Carb in Sweet Potato

It’s always important to listen to what your body is saying and count the number of carbs. And, counting these numbers will make your life and time too much easier. On a ketogenic and paleo diet, sweet potatoes are considered too high in carbs. One hundred grams of cooked, bakes, and flesh of sweet potato contain 20.71g of carb. The same 100 grams of sweet potato contains 3.3g of fiber and 6.48 grams of sugar.

To make this process easy, a middle sweet potato is five long and 2 in diameters. A middle sweet potato weighs around 114 grams. It means that the flesh of 1 bake sweet potato is around about 23.61 total carb with just 3.8 gram of fiber and 7.39 gram of sugar. To figure out the net carb in the sweet potato, you just need to subtract the total fiber from the total carb.

One hundred grams of sweet potatoes will have 17.41 net carb. A middle-sized sweet potato roughly contains round about 19.81 carbs. Sweet potatoes and white potatoes are perfect foods because they are low in carbohydrates.

Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Are sweet potatoes good for health? And, the short answer is that sweet potato keto-friendly. These sweet potatoes are sweet, starchy, and root vegetables that are grown worldwide. And, this vegetable comes in many different colors, such as orange, white, and purple.

Also, those potatoes have a large number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. They can provide many health benefits, and you can easily add them to your keto diet. Here are some surprising benefits of sweet potatoes.

  1. Prevent Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A plays a very important role in our body. And, the deficiency of vitamin A essential nutrients can cause many health issues. Nowadays, it’s a major public health issue in many developing countries. Its deficiency can cause both temporary and permanent damages to the eyes and even leads to blindness. Also, it can suppress the immune system and increase mortality, especially in children pregnant and lactating ladies.

These potatoes are an excellent source of highly absorbable beta carotene that your body can easily convert into the vitamin A. Intensity of yellow and oranges sweet potatoes may directly be linked to their beta carotene amount.

  1. Promote Gut Health

Fiber and antioxidants in sweet potatoes are very advantageous for your gut health. Those sweet potatoes contain two kinds of fiber that are soluble and insoluble. And the human body doesn’t digest both types. However, fiber stays in your digestive tract and provides much variety of gut-related health benefits. Certain types of soluble fiber are also known as viscous fibers.

These fibers can absorb water and soften your stool. Also, the non-viscous insoluble fibers can also be fermented by the bacteria in your colon. Also, it can create compounds called short-chain fatty acids. They can fuel the cells of your intestinal lining and keep them strong and healthy.

  1. Cancer-Fighting Properties

Sweet potatoes contain various antioxidants that will help to protect you against certain types of cancers. Anthocyanins are a group of antioxidants that founds in purple sweet potatoes. This antioxidant founds to slow the growth of certain kinds of cancer cells in the test tube studies. The benefits of sweet potatoes are also studied on bladder, colon, stomach, and breast cancer cells.

A study on mice of purple sweet potatoes showed lower rates of early-stage of colon cancer. It is suggesting that anthocyanins in sweet potatoes may have some protective effects.

  1. Support Healthy Vision

These sweet potatoes incredibly have a high amount of beta-carotene. It’s an antioxidant that is responsible for the bright orange color of vegetables. In fact, 200 g of baked orange sweet potato with skin can provide more than seven times the beta-carotene amount. The average amount of adults needs this amount every day. This antioxidant converts into vitamin A in the body and use to form light-detecting receptors in the eyes.

  1. Enhance Brain Function

Eating purple sweet potatoes may help to improve your brain condition. Studies on animals found that the anthocyanins in the purple sweet potatoes maybe help to protect the brain from inflammation and prevent free radicals damage. Some supplements containing anthocyanins content of sweet potato extracts have been shown to improve mice’s learning and memory. And probably because of antioxidant properties.

There are no studies are available to test these effects on humans. But generally, diets that are rich in fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants associated with a lower risk of mental decline and dementia.

  1. Support Immune System

Orange sweet potato flash is the richest natural source of beta-carotene. It’s a plant-based compound that has converted into vitamin A in the human body. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for a healthy immune system, and lower blood vessels that may be linked with reduced immunity. Also, it’s good to maintain healthy mucous membranes, specifically in the lining of the gut.

Potatoes on keto

How Can I Eat Sweet Potatoes on Keto Diet?

Many people on the keto diet do not only focus on the track of their overall carb consumption but also the net carb they are consuming. And, the concept of the net carb was famous for the Atkins diet. These are the number of leftover carbohydrates in the food when you eliminate the fiber and sugar alcohol from the total carb.

Our body isn’t able to digest the fiber and sugar alcohols, so they don’t need to be counted. So, tracking the net carb instead of tracking total carb can make it easy to fit in sweet potatoes in the allotted 40g of daily carb count on the keto diet. For the middle size of sweet potatoes, you need to eliminate 3.8g of fiber content to get the average amount of 24 net carbs.

Nutrition Facts

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 200g of baked and keto mashed sweet potatoes with their skin contains:

Carb41.42 gIron1.38mg
Protein4.02 gMagnesium54mg
Total Lipid0.3gPotassium950mg
Fiber6.6 gSodium72 mg
Sugar12.96 gCholesterol0mg
Net Carb34.82 gCaffeine0mg

Additionally, sweet potatoes like orange and purple varieties have a rich amount of antioxidants that can help to protect your body from free radicals. Because these are unstable molecules that may damage your DNA and trigger inflammation. In the keto diet, sweet potatoes considered too high in carbs instead keto diet is a high-fat diet.

Bottom Line

While sweet potatoes not allowed to eat on the standard keto diet because of their high carb content. Therefore, prepare them to be more fat-dominant and reduce the amount you eat means you can add them to your keto diet easily.

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