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Bulletproof Coffee Recipes – How To Prepare? Common Mistakes

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Best Bulletproof Coffee Recipes

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Here you will know how to make bulletproof coffee, which is also known as keto coffee. You will drink this coffee in your morning to start your day freshly because this is a magical drink that adds freshness in your mornings.

But there many variations of this keto bulletproof coffee. So the article is all about bulletproof coffee. You will know how to make this coffee in different styles and also benefits and side effects. Let’s get started:

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is not like a kind of your average latte. In contrast, it’s an energizing, keto-friendly, and perfect beverage that helps you from driven to CEOs to professional athletes to busy parents to get more done.

This coffee’s original kind depends on the black coffee, grass-fed butter, and also MCT oil. It’s very simple to make this coffee but not that like simple. Maybe you different kinds of butter, MCT oil, as it sounds like a project of science.

This coffee is also considered as powerhouse part of intermittent fasting and keto diet. Also, this coffee helps to keep you satiated, focused, and alert. It’s a version of creamy and sweet coffee. There are many tricks to make this coffee as you like.

Why It’s Good For You Or Your Health?

The coffee works as a base for your health issues. The coffee is more than just providing energy to you. It can boost your energy levels and also enhance cognitive functions. Bulletproof coffee contains a high amount of antioxidants.

These antioxidants can remove the toxins of your body, which can cause of illness and aging. It’s also a power pack of minerals that you can’t get from your diet or anywhere else.

Coffee is never like a healthy diet until you realize that the grass-fed butter contains healthy fatty acids. Also, it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids found in the fish. These acids can promote the power of your brain.

A diet with healthy fats can potentially increase the brain’s functionality and, specifically, cognitive capabilities. Bulletproof coffee contains a high amount of goods and healthy fats. The real kick in the coffee is MCT.

bulletproof keto coffee pai chart

MCT oil is a special kind of fat that needs few energy and enzymes to break it down for digestion as compared to the other sugar and fats. It means that you can get the nutrients in your system in a few steps, then even you would from a piece of toast.

Medium-chain triglycerides are also very good for the gut. Also, it contains anti-microbial properties, and it can suppress hunger and cravings. In a few cases, MCT oil can be useful in mild weight loss and maintaining a healthy diet.

Why Should You Take Keto Coffee?

If you are still on the barrier about the bulletproof coffee, consider some of the reasons people live on the shit:

  • Brain Power: Coffee is a combination of MCT oil and butter. Both ingredients can do something significant to your cognitive function. It may seem like you kick your brain into overdrive. Also, it helps you to feel focused for a long time.
  • Intermittent Fasting: If you are on the intermittent fasting, then Bulletproof coffee holds your hand during your intermittent fasting.
  • It tastes so damn good: Give a try to well made bulletproof coffee, so you will love this creamy, smooth, and infused coffee.keto coffee benefits

How Do You Get A Standard Bulletproof Coffee Recipe?

To make bulletproof coffee, you just need only three simple ingredients. And these ingredients you need are such as:

  1. Coffee Beans

Quality coffee is needed as the bulletproof coffee recipe base to add superior taste in it and health benefits. Cheaper coffee beans can cause more health risks you can experience, such as mycotoxins—the microscopic moulds on your coffee beans.

If you want full-bodied coffee beans with a fresh and rich aroma to the beans to show that there is no defect. Therefore, you need quality beans or brewed coffee. The better coffee beans can make a better and qualified bulletproof coffee.

So, you don’t need to spend soo much to upgrade the beans of bulletproof coffee. Because that claims to remove the mycotoxins as known as the moulds. Coffee beans that are good and organic have the same taste and effect.

  1. Grass-Fed Butter

You can make the taste of your coffee as you personally like to make. But get the right butter is an essential thing. But not only butter can do this, grass-fed cows only can produce the butter, which works with the bulletproof coffee. Some other kind of butter may not contain the omega fatty acids, which helps to brain function and weight loss.

  1. MCT Oil

In this part of the equation, most of the people like to use coconut oil. But coffee with coconut oil is not a bulletproof coffee; it’s just a coconut oil coffee. In contrast, the actual thing in the coffee is the MCT oil content. Therefore, coconut oil is not a suitable substitute.

Try to use a pure and true MCT oil from the famous reputable manufacturers. In this way, you can balance the amount of MCT oil in your bulletproof coffee. MCT oil is a type of fatty acid that will easily be converted into energy. Also, it can increase endurance and metabolism.

This can be broken down into different types, and they all have their benefits. The most important benefits are C6, C8, and C10 are very essential. Besides the brain octane oil, there are many brands of MCT oil. Rather than spending a lot of time on searching, choose these three options:

  • C6 is a caproic acid. It tastes horrible and gives you disaster pants as your stomach just can’t handle it. But they’re not enough of it in MCT oil to notice, especially if properly distilled.
  • C8 is caprylic acid and often sold as the famous brand brain octane. This is because your body can break it down rapidly and use it to fuel your brainpower. It’s a high MCT.
  • C10 is a capric acid that has a slower rate of absorption in the body than C8 but is more affordable than C6 or C8.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee At Home? Some Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Here are some recipes of Keto Bulletproof Coffee that you can easily make at home. So let’s start:

bulletproof coffee intermittent fasting

  1. The Original Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

When you are going to taste the bulletproof coffee, first, you just need to try the original recipe of bulletproof coffee before you dress it up. Here we share some tips for you to make your steps go on easily. The first step is when you have the butter, make sure that it’s a quality and grass-fed butter. And, one more thing to check is it’s unsalted or not.


Just blends all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy your fresh coffee. After drinking the coffee, you will feel the difference in the process of your thoughts and the energy levels for the whole day.

bulletproof coffee diet plan

  1. The Original + Great Lakes Collagen

Add collagen in your cup of coffee, such as great lakes gelatine. It has become a staple of your bulletproof coffee. Because it can help fight against your hunger if you drink bulletproof coffee as part of your intermittent fasting, also it can make your coffee thick and provide you with a boost of protein.


  • 2 tbsp grass-fed unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp unsalted, grass-fed butter
  • 2 tbsp MCT oil or coconut oil
  • 1 cup strong coffee
  • 1-2 tbsp great lakes gelatin

Great lakes gelatin is a kind of hydrolyzed collagen. In simple words, it’s a unique mixture of amino acids and protein. If you add it to your diet, then it will provide healing and conditioning over other proteins. Specifically, for the care of your bones and joints health.

best coffee for bulletproof coffee

  1. The Original + Change Mushroom Powder

Suppose a person loves to eat superfood, then you must need more goodness in your bulletproof coffee. So, for this, a perfect suggestion for you is you can add few teaspoons of Chaga mushroom powder to your brew.


Blend all your ingredients in a blender, and then before mixing, just add 1 or 2 tbsp of mushroom powder. So, here is your healthy morning cup of coffee.

bulletproof coffee mct

  1. Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof

Before using the coconut milk, make sure that you removed the layers of solids right before adding the liquid to the blender’s ingredients. Or, if you like, these solids can be whipped into the tasty toppings. Also, you can add some extra for anesthetics as for taste.


Please put all your ingredients in the mixer and mix them well. You can serve this coffee hot or cold. Though, pour it on ice and garnish the top with some sprinkles of cinnamon.

bulletproof coffee and intermittent fasting

  1. Gingerbread Bulletproof Coffee

This is a recipe for low-carb bulletproof coffee. Because its a formula to make magical drinks to ensure that you will run your whole day long, so, then you will be daring to everyone around you to keep up with your physical and mental speed. All the thing you need to do is sprinkle the cinnamon on the ingredients before brewing and blending it.


You can replace the MCT oil with coconut oil so your coffee will automatically sweeter than to brew. Maybe you want to back off from the amount MCT, coconut oil, and butter because it will give the gingerbread a bit of tang, which takes it away from the sweet spice.

coffee for bulletproof coffee

  1. Turbo Bulletproof Coffee Drops

Make your morning coffee cup is very easy as brewing a standard coffee cup and pouring it in the creamer. That may contain all kinds of unhealthy sugar and saturated fat. But those who are really in a hurry and they can’t seem to set the alarm enough to buy those extra minutes. Therefore, there is an alternative to this.


All you have to do is combine all the ingredients, whisk, and freeze in ice cube trays. Also, you can freeze them for a long time in the freezer. When you want to drink, just take one cube of it, put in hot coffee, and blend.

bulletproof coffee grass fed butter

  1. Bulletproof Cocoa

While your diet, if you have a chocolate craving, it’s a perfect way to enjoy cocoa. If you want to eat fewer calories and minimize the amount, and don’t be ready to ditch the extra snacks later, then cut back off some sipping of cocoa. So, you can cut back or leave the coconut milk.


Bring your coco milk to boil and then add with all other ingredients in the mixer. Mix these ingredients very well and enjoy them.

dairy free bulletproof coffee

  1. Bulletproof Green Tea

Green tea is a famous beverage in the world. Many people drink it for weight loss. There is no wonder that people like to drink tea instead of coffee. Most of the people link green tea with many health benefits. But for the tea lovers, there is still a bulletproof diet with green tea. To drink it on your bulletproof diet, you just have to change it up a little bit.


If it’s not a bulletproof coffee, then turning it into a bulletproof tea. But make sure that you use double tea bags. Add the oil and butter and mix them until frothy. Leave it chill for some hours. After that, mix the tea ingredients with ice cubes and cream to get the desired consistency.

Bulletproof coffee Gummies

  1. Bulletproof Gummies

These bulletproof gummies are very easy to make and also delicious. Blend all the ingredients together, and you can pour it into whatever you want. Place them into the fridge for some hours and then use them easily. It’s an excellent way to get the boost of energy.


To use these gummies, put them in your hot cup of coffee and enjoy the brew as they melt. But use grass-fed gelatin to get the health benefits of omega fats. You can also add your favorite sugar substitute. Keep them with you to enjoy for work and snack time cravings.

bulletproof coffee with mct oil

  1. Bulletproof Ice Cream

While following a strict diet, you have to eat only low-carb things. Therefore, if you have a craving for ice-cream, you can make it at home without processed sugar. This will help you to keep into the ketosis in your weak moments. In this way, ice cream can also provide some minerals and vitamins to keep your brain function at high capacity.


  • 4 eggs plus 4 yolks
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla
  • 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice
  • 1 tsp coconut oil or MCT oil
  • 1 tsp  unsalted butter
  • 1 cup brewed organic coffee
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 packet stevia or other sugar substitute
  • ½ cup water or ice

Cook the butter and oil in a pan on low-medium heat. Add your coffee and let it stand for 5 minutes. Blend all the things but not water or ice. Then add water or ice and mix well until you get the yogurt-like consistency. Put the mixture into the ice cream maker; if you don’t have an ice cream maker, pour the mixture into the pre-chilled pan and leave it in the freezer. After 20 minutes, give it a stirring place back into the freezer.

bulletproof coffee coconut oil

  1. Bulletproof Cocoa Mousse

Cacao is optional in this recipe, but it can give a nice flavor to your coffee. You can accomplish it with some sort of blend with gingerbread spice and other spices. It works as a flavor kicker in your bulletproof coffee that doesn’t add excess fat, sugar, and calories.


Blend all the ingredients together then pour into the cups. Then keep in the fridge.

bulletproof coffee ghee

  1. Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

Vegan bulletproof coffee is just a perfect option for everyone. Because it doesn’t want any changes to stick with your diet if you are a strict vegan, while vegan diets are may be difficult to attain. However, vegans are relatively healthy in their lifestyles and in eating habits. It can help you to boost your levels of energy naturally than even someone on a regular diet.


Mix all the ingredients together and blend.

bulletproof coffee with ghee

  1. Bulletproof Chia Latte

Many people love to drink chai, latte beverages worldwide. And Starbucks has a name in making chai latte. They offer many sorts of chai latte drinks. If you don’t get the chai latte with double kind of heavy cream and whipped cream on top. You will get maybe likely to put on weight. So, this recipe of chai latte is low-carb and delicious.


  • 2 cups hot strong-brewed organic black tea
  • 1 tsp grass-fed butter
  • 1 tsp organic coconut oil
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp honey or a few drops of stevia

Keep in mind that you need to brew the tea strong. Then throw them in the blender, and off you go. After that, you can serve it hot.

bulletproof coffee with ghee recipe

  1. Japanese Bulletproof Matcha Green Tea

This Japanese bulletproof matcha green tea is the best substitute for your morning coffee. It’s a combination of a high concentration of green tea antioxidants with some rejuvenating effects to collagen for healthy skin and hair. It’s a recipe for dairy-free milk and sugar substitute for those who are following a strict diet.


Mix all ingredients in a blender and blend them well. Then pour in your mug, decorate your mug with optional cinnamon, and enjoy.

keto bulletproof iced coffee

  1. An Iced Bulletproof Coffee Keto

It’s very difficult to make a hot cup of bulletproof coffee in the office in the afternoon. The basic thing to make this coffee is MCT oil and butter.  Because these both can typically provide satiation, which helps to abstain from eating food.


Using these ingredients, you can make your iced bulletproof coffee immediately but put it in the refrigerator. And, serve it with some ice.

bulletproof coffee milk frother

  1. Bulletproof Yerba mate

If you never listen about yerba mate, then you missed something. Yerba mate is made with the holly tree leaves, which founds in the southern South America rainforest. It has a high amount of nourishment and caffeine content of coffee. According to some toutes, it is a better balance in energy and nutrition than any other common stimulant.


Brew your tea and strain out the tea leaves, then mix all things and enjoy.

best mct oil for bulletproof coffee

  1. Keto Instant Bulletproof Coffee

This instant coffee is very easy to prepare. You just have to need keto coffee, water, and other keto-friendly ingredients. Keto instant coffee is also known as the MCT enhanced coffee, which is perfect for you. It can provide brain-boosting, ketone-boosting, and MCT oil wherever you are.


It’s also a source of 6g dietary fiber that is good to support your healthy metabolism, sodium, and potassium as the electrolytes can promote hydration.

bulletproof coffee butter alternative

  1. Bulletproof Mocha Latte

Bulletproof mocha latte is a perfect way to start an energizing day while living a keto-friendly lifestyle. It is loaded with much fat and a kick from the coffee. It has much less sugar and using coconut oil or coconut butter for the fat and cacao powder to add chocolate flavor.


All mocha latte, which founds in the local cafes, contains high-sugar content with up to 500 worth of sugar. So, that will kick you out from ketosis. But this is full of fat and has less sugar as its a perfect keto-friendly beverage.

bulletproof coffee with coconut butter

  1. Instant Creamy MCT Oil Coffee

This instant creamy coffee is made with health and delicious ingredients. It is just better than black coffee and can provide you fuel in the form of saturated fat. So, you may likely to start your day with full of energy.


You don’t need any type of immersion blender; just put all these ingredients and mix well. Then serve with your favorite coffee.

bulletproof coffee mug

  1. Protein-Boosted Keto Peppermint Mocha

Much keto-friendly coffee is high in fat, and some of them provide less fat if any, protein. It’s fine if you are integrating high-quality protein in your meals. But this is not for everyone.


Peppermint mocha can be expensive and a type of sugar haul. It is available with high sugar in many coffee shops, which is not good for keto dieters. So, make your own at home and enjoy keto-friendly mocha.

Bulletproof Cappuccino Keto

  1. Bulletproof Keto Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a keto-friendly ingredient. It’s hard to drink, and as you drink black coffee and choose to add creamer and full-fat milk.


If you don’t have a cappuccino maker at your home, here is the keto bulletproof cappuccino recipe. Or, it will help you to make light and keto-friendly cappuccino at home.

bulletproof coffee for breakfast

  1. Basic Bulletproof Coffee

Basic bulletproof coffee is a rich and creamy soft beverage that is filled with healthy fats. This keto-friendly drink is made with coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. Also, this coffee contains many health benefits which is not a part of your regular black coffee.


This coffee is an enjoyable way to get high-quality fats in the diet and stay in ketosis and also energetic.

bulletproof coffee salted butter

  1. Spiced Keto Coffee

The spiced keto-friendly beverage contains some extra caffeine to keep you energized. Also, it is naturally spiced with spice from chai tea.


This recipe includes some squirts of MCT oil and for added keto value.

best butter for bulletproof coffee

  1. Butter Coffee

Put all the ingredients together in the blender and mix well until you get the smooth and frothy type coffee.


In this way, enjoy your excellent bulletproof keto-friendly butter coffee.

Big & Common Mistakes People Make

There are many mistakes that usually people do when making their bulletproof coffee. Includes:

  1. Not Using Grass-Fed Butter

If you use grass-fed butter, your coffee cup may be infused with a ratio of omega-5 to omega-6 fatty acids. These acids can help to break down in a healthy way than other fats and oils. So, if you choose butter that is not made of grass-feed cows, you are not likely to get these benefits.

  1. Only Using Butter

MCT oil is used in bulletproof coffee because it provides energy. Without MCT oil, you may benefit from omega oils from the butter, but maybe you will miss the critical aspects. Butter coffee is a healthy drink, but if you want it healthy, you have to add some oils.

Typically the human body wants some steps and some enzymes to process the MCT oil. Also, this oil helps to lose weight and provides an energy booster that lasts longer than caffeine in the coffee.

  1. Using Bulletproof As A Meal Replacement

People who skip the meal may get the benefits from bulletproof coffee as a meal replacement, and filled when no other nutrients are ingested. It should not use as a meal replacement for your breakfast.

Except for fatty acids, you still need vitamins and minerals that are not founds in the bulletproof coffee. It’s a kind of supplement, so if you get only bulletproof coffee, you may likely to get too much fat.

  1. Adding Sugar

If you add sugar to your coffee, then sugar maybe increases the level of calories. You can sweeten your coffee with keto-friendly sugar substitutes. The process that is required to break down the sugar is much slower than the process we need for MCT oil. And, the sugar of your coffee may slow down the whole process. So, if you want to sweeten your coffee, then use a sweetener that doesn’t give up your calories.

  1. Shaken Not Stirred

All knows that oil and water do not blend easily, so mix butter and oil in your coffee, which will make it like an oil liner spilled in the pacific. Use a blender to mix all your ingredients correctly; if you use a spoon, you will never work.

  1. Using Coconut Oil In Place Of MCT Oil

The coconut oil contains MCT oil but in a small amount as compared to straight MCT oil. Some people think that lauric acid is an MCT oil, making up to 50% of coconut oil. It actually works as an LCT, not as MCT.

It is very easy for the body to process C8, and it has only 6% content of coconut oil. However, might be you get some benefits from coconut oil in the bulletproof coffee.

Is Butter Coffee For Weight Loss?

Yes, you can lose by drinking butter coffee. But in the case, if you drink bulletproof coffee by replacing your breakfast with this coffee, you may lose some weight. So, if you want to lose more weight, then you should drink black coffee.

Why do We add Butter And Mct Oil In Coffee?

The fat that is founded in MCT oil and butter helps to reduce the appetite and promotes satiety. You can adjust the amount of fat as you want to. Adding 1 tbsp of MCT oil in your coffee is a good idea to start with the small amount and work your way up to a tablespoon.

If you use MCT oil simultaneously, many people may face some problems in their stomachs. The fat content of bulletproof coffee with caffeine will provide you a boost of energy to start your day.

So, if the caffeine doesn’t suit to you, then you can try it with decaf. It may not give you the same effect, but it helps to keep you full and great-tasting drink. If you don’t want to use MCT oil, then you can use coconut oil instead.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is known as an excellent beverage in the world. When you incorporate the coffee, it will provide you a boost of energy and alertness. Keto coffee contains the ingredients that contain the fat which keto diet wants to keep you full or healthy.

All the ingredients have a moderate amount of protein, a high amount of fat, and low sugar levels. Some kind of taste boosters may help you to get the optimum taste and texture to fight with your cravings.

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