Berry Breakfast Parfait Recipe – Healthy Keto Friendly Diet

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Berry Breakfast Parfait

Berry Breakfast Parfait is a healthy and yummy breakfast that you can use to enjoy the better taste and get weight loss benefits. It has been coined out to be used with the ketogenic diet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

One should take a healthy and heavy one to boost their day with endless energy and power. This recipe is one of the easiest and delicious for your breakfast list. You can add it to change your cereal routines and make this as a treat to your dull and drab eating routine. It has health-supporting ingredients that are not so rare to found.

You can quickly found them at any grocery store to make your Berry Breakfast Parfait treat at home. It is healthy, yummy, and easy to make breakfast recipes. Different recipes can be used in breakfast, but this is a different and taste-oriented recipe, which makes you feel healthy and retreats your taste buds with a feeling of happiness and taste.

Ingredients of Berry Breakfast Parfait

This is a unique and tasteful recipe that can be part of your breakfast menu. It is simple to make because it has nothing particular to do with making. You have to add the ingredients to make it tasty for you. For that sake, check out the components of this recipe. It includes:


Strawberry Yogurt1 cup
Blueberry Yogurt1 cup
Vanilla Yogurt1 cup
Honey almond granola9 tbs
Strawberries1 cup chopped into small chunks
Blueberries1/2 cup

Instructions to Make Berry Breakfast Parfait

  • It is easy to make breakfast recipes, but you can follow the directions below to make Berry Breakfast Parfait more tasty and accurate. These instructions are:
  • Put the strawberry yogurt and blueberry yogurt into a bowl. Mix them well with the help of spatula or spoon. It gives a dark red color in looks because of strawberry and blueberry colors. But do not worry. They both fused to provide a delicious taste to your breakfast.
  • Cook the honey almond granola in a small saucepan until they become brown. Then put them aside to let cool.
  • Take a glass, make a layer of vanilla yogurt, place some honey almond granola, and put the strawberry and blueberry yogurt mixture.
  • Decorate it with blueberries and strawberries on the top to give it a yummiest look.

Nutritional Facts

Its nutritional facts for one serving includes:

Nutritional FactsSize
Protein 17g

Berry Breakfast Parfait recipe

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